More photos to come...please check back! 

If you have photos from the event we can share online, please contact us.

The 2017 Games event was a day filled with competition, fun and some exciting surprises for the athletes. 

Thank you to all who participated and volunteered to make it a success.

OUR MISSION                   
We are driven to provide a free, fun and competitive sporting event for children with physical, visual and/or hearing impairments throughout the state of Virginia. Our goal is to enhance the self-esteem of each competitor and build friendships that will last a lifetime.

Sponsors and Volunteers

Thank you for your continued support. Your generosity and desire to help are greatly appreciated, especially by the athletes. You make it possible. Thank You! 

​​Contact one of our board members if interested in learning of the many ways you could impact the event! Also, Let us know if interested in becoming a Board or Committee Member 

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Special Thanks to the L.C. Bird High School Success Program, headed by David Pollock and Hermitage High School Success Program, headed by Matt Bland - You and your students are a huge contributor to our success. Thanks for everything you all do for us.


711 St. Christopher's Road, Richmond, VA 23226

Each year the Games are held in the Kemper Athletic Center which is located on the campus of St. Christopher's School.  Special thanks to St. Christopher's for hosting the event and welcoming our athletes into your center to compete.

Another year of games, fun and competition!

Visit the ABOUT US page for more information about the Virginia Victory Games and ways to get involved in the fun.

Virginia Victory Games

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